Who created gaming on steroids

EK Fluid Gaming technology is already on display right now at Computex 2017 at MSI and IN WIN booths. IN Win is displaying all retail Fluid Gaming Kits in their futuristic new chassis models at booth J0606. An adaptation of this new technology has also been implemented within the Custom MSI Aegis Ti desktop system at MSI booth L0617. The most powerful & smallest dual GPU system on the market has been upgraded! MSI is leading the PC market in adopting new thermal technologies and has worked with EKWB to build this amazing fully custom liquid cooled powerhouse. With the implementation of such complete cooling solution Aegis system benefits from reduced weight, overclocking stability and silent operation. Visitors at MSI booth can also admire a separate custom loop prototype system with a full aluminum loop with never before seen GPU water block and new Monoblock designed by EKWB.

For the record I didn't downvote you because that's a pretty fair point and my point is probably deluded a little bit by the fact that I haven't yet played either game but a lot of reviews have been mostly positive, guess my point is that at least those two games have shown what they're going for whereas No Man's Sky is a little bit vague. Yes I've been keeping up with the news about the game because honestly I'm really hoping it'll be great but no matter how much information they throw at us I still can't grasp what No Man's Sky actually is. I hope it'll be good, but in my opinion this prerelease, hell pre actually showing off "real gameplay," hype isn't going to do it any favors. Maybe they'll have something to show around E3 and it'll actually blow everyone away, but at this point anything less than that is going to earn it criticism it doesn't deserve because its been lifted on a pedestal. My negativity wasn't meant to blast it but merely gently displace it from it's pedestal for the handful of people that might actually read my post on the internet, a moot point since I doubt anyone actually cares what I have to say but I like to imagine that I'm part of a discussion and yes this sounds like a rant and I don't know why because I'm not angry about anything.

Who created gaming on steroids

who created gaming on steroids


who created gaming on steroidswho created gaming on steroidswho created gaming on steroidswho created gaming on steroidswho created gaming on steroids