Teenage steroid abuse articles

I found this sit by accident just looking for help and strengh, Ihave cried reading all the stories you brave people who have realsed just a tiny bit of theire pain this pain is invisable , we all put on the HAPPY MASK on like you all im screaming for help and no one can here you !!! Iwas married for 32 yrs before we married he only had eyes for me he was so charming full of fun made me laugh,but it ended in tears he abused me you name it he done it name calling screaming at me as close as our noses met spitting at me which went into my face mouth and nose pulling my hair beating me with a walking stick which he insisted it stayed in arms lengh it went everywhere just in case!!when I had my only child which we both nearly died through complications he was ok and i thougthit would make him see,I had to have urgent section .he only came once to see us making excuses he had to work away I coverd up for him he didnt even bring us both home !! he went for a drink with the boys!!thats when he started to drink and he still drinks today 6yrs ago christhmas eve my child who was only 14 then threw him out as he started to rape me this time in full view of my child !!and now today my child is at uni im very proud ,but the horror is still with me im getting help from my gp who saved me and getting help for post tramatic stress disorder and im still very lost but thank you all for help im not alone . and i hope i can make some sense of my life ,words are so easy as people say now how did you stay. he controled me with fear of being beaten, raped we never made love it was rape allways violent he hald may head under water for a laugh ,kic ked me down the stairs I think if my child hadnt thrown him out i would be dead my gp as arranged for a special help for me now but they have said it will nver go away what as happend as gone,but I still look around just in case I sometimes see him as we live in a small place I still hide in a way he still is controlling me but im fighting back . if anyone is reading this site please dont suffer on your own be brave and talk to your gp or priest or vicor or the help lines as it all confredatial its some one you can talk to and you will find your strengh all this help is free and they carnt tell anyone and they will never judge you i know as i have just done thiswhat i told my gp i though he would ring the police but he didnt he just wasnted to help me .please all stay safe x

Teenage steroid abuse articles

teenage steroid abuse articles


teenage steroid abuse articlesteenage steroid abuse articlesteenage steroid abuse articlesteenage steroid abuse articlesteenage steroid abuse articles