Steroid testical shrinkage

Though testicular atrophy can occur naturally, our concern at is when such experiences occur following steroid/hormone cycles. When a young male administers steroids and/or hormones, he is receiving an artificial substitute to natural testosterone. As soon as this occurs, a series of subsequent events happens that are critical in understanding why a man’s nuts react in such an undesirable way. First, the presence of artificial hormones tricks the body into thinking that its quota has been met. As a result, the need to produce more hormone is reduced; sometimes, to the extent that the body never produces natural testosterone again. Second, the chemical is internally routed to the pituitary gland where it forms a groove about the surface of the brain in that region. Pooling of the brain’s natural chemicals occurs in this newly formed groove which is then polluted by the injected steroids and/or hormones. Soon thereafter, the hypothalamus and the hypothalamus duct are compromised; from the brain stem down to the testicles.

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Alternative, slang synonyms for testicles: ball, balls, nut, nuts, goolies.

Steroid testical shrinkage

steroid testical shrinkage


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