Steroid dependent crohn's disease

Concerns regarding quality of life should be addressed: impairment of function at school, work, or in personal relationships; social and emotional support; financial resources; and adequacy of patient education regarding their disease (13). Anxiety and major depression are more prevalent in patients with IBD than in the general population, and these conditions are more pronounced in patients with greater ongoing disease activity (72, 73). Besides providing indication for specific therapies, these psychiatric diagnoses may also predict the likelihood for medication noncompliance, a frequent contributing factor to poorer clinical outcomes and greater health-care costs (74–76).

Stress appears to play a role in the exacerbation of Crohn's disease. 32 While no adequate studies demonstrate the benefit of relaxation techniques for Crohn's disease, studies have been done assessing psychotherapy as treatment. One study 33 showed improvement in patients' coping ability and psychologic well-being. Low-impact exercise programs also have been shown to improve patients' quality of life and bone density, an important consideration with chronic steroid use. 34 , 35 Generally, patient education, relaxation techniques, simple exercise programs, and involvement in support groups may help improve quality of life for patients with Crohn's disease.

Some people may be admitted into the hospital following the colonoscopy depending on results. It is sometimes necessary to get the patient started on a steroid to speed up the healing of the colon. It may also be necessary to get the patient hydrated from the fluid loss and iron replaced from the loss of blood. After a hospital stay, the patient may be put on a daily medication to manage their chronic colitis. The medication can be an anti-inflammatory or an immunosuppressant. There are many different types of medication used and the doctor will prescribe the one they see fit. If the patient doesn't respond, new medications will be tried until there is a good fit.

Steroid dependent crohn's disease

steroid dependent crohn's disease


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