Polymyalgia treatment without steroids

All patients with PMR should be counseled about symptoms that could suggest GCA, especially new-onset headache, monocular visual impairment, or jaw pain with mastication, and instructed to notify the clinician promptly if such symptoms arise. At every follow-up visit, patients with PMR should be monitored for symptoms or physical findings referable to GCA, and, if warranted, further diagnostic evaluation should be pursued (see "Clinical manifestations of giant cell (temporal) arteritis" ). The presence of low-dose glucocorticoid therapy will not affect the yield of temporal artery biopsy [ 45 ]. Biopsy can be negative if there is large artery involvement by GCA, the diagnosis of which requires imaging of the vascular tree.

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Polymyalgia treatment without steroids

polymyalgia treatment without steroids


polymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroidspolymyalgia treatment without steroids