Oxys steroids dosage

Thanks Sue, Jude and everyone for the input. I am an American and did take Tramadol 100mg. Three times a day before surgery and now take Oxycodone 5mg 6 times a day post surgery. I just talked with my PA and I'm switching to Vicodin after my last refilling of Oxycodone. After 3 plus weeks now and starting to see real results i have to say I feel very positive. I'm going to cut down on my daily routine of Oxycodone and look forward to continual improvement with my tkr. Thanks again for contributing to my question and providing such helpful advise. Take care and wish your recovery well.

This is exactly how I’ve been feeling! I just stare at my treadmill as my feet hurt and I get fatter!! My final stray was when I wet my bed, couch, and then a hotel bed without any dreams of needing to use the restroom. I thought the couch issue was a dog that I’d been sitting until the hotel deal that left me extremely bothered. I made an appointment this week to get weaned off of this med after being on it for 7 months. I’ve been easily irritable, fatigued, couldn’t remember something within 10 seconds of looking at it. All of these stories sound like mine and I’m happy to know that it’s the med I was taking from a skin graph neuropathy.

Oxys steroids dosage

oxys steroids dosage