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"There goes easy, easy rider, riding down the highway of desire. He says the free wind takes him higher, trying to find his heaven above but is dying to be loved"

-Easy rider to me represents the carefree person and he gets his desires fulfilled by travelling the open road. The cliche feeling of the wind blowing in his hair perhaps. Searching for his heaven could represent a never-ending road yet despite all this, he is 'dying to be loved' perhaps a soul-mate that will travel with him for the rest of his life

-Seems to me that this song fills in the story for another one of his song 'Lullaby for the Summer' (Valleys of Neptune), both share the same riffs (Is that the correct term for it?)

Mackenroth is also the creator of the anti-stigma campaign HIV Equal. He is credited with coining the phrase "HIV equal" as opposed to " HIV-negative " or " HIV-positive ". The hope being that people will finally stop using the term in a derogatory manner and stop discriminating against people with HIV. He has also served as the media strategist at Housing Works - a non-profit in New York, which fights the duel crisis of homelessness and HIV/Aids where he created the Prep Heroes Campaign . He was a spokesman for the Merck Pharmaceuticals HIV Education Campaign, " Living Positive by Design " for four years.

Jack hanma steroids

jack hanma steroids