How to thicken skin after steroid use

I’ve also worked hard since I was twelve (now I’m 48) and my hands and arms have huge veins sticking up if I’m not off work for a day or two. BP is fine though since I went from 162 lbs to 113 lbs in 5 months. But, the parts I work with have sharp flash (plastics factory) and I’ll get those red slashes that make some people think it’s an Aids thing. NO, hubby and I have been faithful to each other for 20 years, this is just thin skin that has gotten thinner. And today I got the scrape over one of the veins and bled like crazy even though it was the most miniscule of nicks. Had blood dripping and curling around my wrist, for heaven’s sake.

As peeling skin isn’t necessarily indicative of some serious health condition, but is more likely caused by dry skin or damage, it may be best to first try treating the problem at home. Natural remedies for peeling skin can be quite helpful, as they pose little to no risk of side effects. They also require little effort and almost no expense, as they can be prepared using basic cooking ingredients. Unfortunately, not all of these home remedies are subjected to rigorous scientific testing, so the results could vary. If you’re a skeptic and would prefer to use tested methods, you could stick to over the counter lotions and creams, whilst trying out some natural ingredients such as fruit packs to soothe inflamed and dry skin:

There are certain types of warts that should never be self-treated:

  • Plantar warts in large clusters, or single warts more than half an inch wide.
  • Venereal (genital) warts.
  • Facial warts.
  • Flat warts (they are too easily confused with other skin conditions, and usually go away completely by themselves after a few months).
If self-treatment of common warts is ineffective after four weeks, or plantar wart treatment ineffective after 12 weeks, a physician should be consulted. Corns need only to be evaluated by a physician if they are particularly persistent and very painful. Custom orthotic inserts may be considered.

How to thicken skin after steroid use

how to thicken skin after steroid use


how to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid usehow to thicken skin after steroid use