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Rap is bold, aggressive, belligerent, hypermasculine, it speaks only of pride and power, it’s actually mega-fascist in its form. Now I’m for all prides but in terms of the victimizing and the anti-white kinds of the Negro rap, of course it’s pure shit: once set aside the interest of their flow / voice / timbre, all so authentic, in their clips, their aesthetics, they just pick up all our symbols and creations. Their guns are Russian, their cars are German, and their clothes are French. Even their heraldry is pumped on European heraldry. These retards – who may be excellent musicians yet still retards – speak only of power and domination; but the real Masters, those who possess military technology, those who make luxury cars and manufacture Hugo Boss, are obviously the whites. The truth is that we became too fag because of fratricidal wars, race mixing propaganda and human-rights hysterics. The fact remains that it is we and not they who have the logistics, the tactical intelligence and the military resources to smoke them out. Let them, therefore, play with our toys in their clips; without us, they would have wooden sticks instead of AK47’s, and donkeys or goats for transportation.

Hi Angela,
I am so sorry to hear about Skectchie as we are going through a similar thing with our cat Ridley. She was also diagnosed with either IBD or lymphoma as well. She has been on prednisolone and tylosin for two months now, along with eating kitten food for the extra calories, and she has done awesome. I have also started giving her B12 shots weekly. She has already gained about to 2lbs and has gone from vomiting daily to twice in 2 months. I am not sure if your vet has tried this treatment yet, but it was so great for Ridley. Best of luck and I hope he gets better.

Never, in modern times, has the state granted to one citizen the absolute legal right to have another killed in order to solve their own personal, social or economic problem. And yet, if this is human life, the . Supreme Court Decision in America and permissive abortion laws in other nations do all of the above. They represent a complete about-face, a total rejection of one of the core values of Western man, and an acceptance of a new ethic in which life has only a relative value. No longer will every human have a right to live simply because he or she exists. A human will now be allowed to exist only if he measures up to certain standards of independence, physical perfection, or utilitarian usefulness to others. This is a momentous change that strikes at the root of Western civilization. It makes no difference to vaguely assume that human life is more human post-born than pre-born. What is critical is to judge it to be — or not to be — human life. By a measure of "more" or "less" human, one can easily and logically justify infanticide and euthanasia. By the measure of economic and/or social usefulness, the ghastly atrocities of Hitlerian mass murders came to be. One cannot help but be reminded of the anguished comment of a condemned Nazi judge, who said to an American judge after the Nuremberg trials, "I never knew it would come to this." The American judge answered simply, "It came to this the first time you condemned an innocent life."

Fr think steroids

fr think steroids


fr think steroidsfr think steroidsfr think steroidsfr think steroidsfr think steroids