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Stephen Nguyen: Friedman defines convergence as a constant mixing and revolutionizing of ideas through the use of flatteners and individuals. Metaphorically speaking, the flatteners provide a “playing field” for people to work on with established basic tools and rules. The playing field allows for the “players” or individuals to come and play the game. Each individual brings in a set of skills along with their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the game is team-oriented; therefore, allowing sharing of ideas and strategies, as well as competition from rivaling teams. After playing once, the players are able to learn more then they did the day before. The sharing and competing causes a revolution of ideas and even the ideas can converge. Basically, the flatteners provided a place for people to exchange ideas.  This has definitely affected my life by being able to converse through other people and see the work of others through social media or other source. The sharing of files through Dropbox has also affected a lot of my classes as well.

Whether he’s in Boston, Bangalore or Beijing, Friedman asks brilliant questions of everyone he encounters. The lessons he distills from their responses brings a new perspective to the ways in which everyone from CEOs, to religious radicals, to entrepreneurs and garden-variety consumers, are all creating ripples in their own particular ways. Regardless of what your political beliefs may be, or where you may think you fit into the overall equation, Friedman shows us that we all have an undeniable stake in globalization. There’s simply no escaping it: the world is getting flatter every day.

Flatteners steroids

flatteners steroids


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