Dog allergy medication steroid

our 17 year old cairn terrier has been on Apoquel for 4 mos. the itching, decreased but never stopped. He has been lethargic, urinating more then usual. He has urinated in front of me, also not wanting to stay outside, or even go outside. which is causing more messes to clean up. He has had two seizures which he has never had his whole life. I believe it is the medication that has caused them. He takes mg. tablets, we decreased it to 1/2, he is still having all the symptoms I have described but the seizures started at 1/2 the dose. I am very much convinced Apoquel has caused the seizures.

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Biotin is a B vitamin that aids in the health of skin and hair. Studies show dogs find relief from dry skin or seborrhea when their diet is supplemented with biotin. When used in conjunction with omega-3 fatty acids, it helps relieve dry, itchy skin. Biotin supplements for dogs are available, but it’s found naturally in brewer’s yeast.
Allergies may come and go or they can be a lifelong battle for you and your dog. Figuring out your dog’s triggers may take allergy testing and a lot of medication trials, but knowing the root of your dog’s misery goes a long way in giving them a comfortable life and alleviating their symptoms.

Dog allergy medication steroid

dog allergy medication steroid


dog allergy medication steroiddog allergy medication steroiddog allergy medication steroiddog allergy medication steroiddog allergy medication steroid