Baseball steroid era hall of fame

Which made Canseco’s second benefactor — Mike Wallace — all the more important. John Hamlin, a producer at 60 Minutes , had gotten a tip about Canseco’s book from a friend at another network. (The friend couldn’t act on it because his employer was a Major League Baseball rights holder.) Hamlin began calling baseball people and confirming the details. Almost no one would talk on the record, but they suggested that Canseco’s account was true. One of the few allegations Hamlin couldn’t verify was Canseco’s insistence that Roger Clemens was juicing.

The Union Association survived for only one season (1884), as did the Players' League (1890), an attempt to return to the National Association structure of a league controlled by the players themselves. Both leagues are considered major leagues by many baseball researchers because of the perceived high caliber of play and the number of star players featured. However, some researchers have disputed the major league status of the Union Association, pointing out that franchises came and went and contending that the St. Louis club, which was deliberately "stacked" by the league's president (who owned that club), was the only club that was anywhere close to major league caliber.

Baseball is not returning any ticket money to the people who watched these “cheaters”. They aren’t changing any of the record books, and they haven’t stopped promoting their accomplishments. Alex Rodriguez — another steroid case — has a $5 million dollar clause in his contract for each time he passes a home run milestone of 660 (Willie Mays), 714 (Babe Ruth), 755 (Hank Aaron), and 762 (Bonds). If he lasts long enough and reaches Bonds he will make as much as $25 million chasing the record, and baseball and its writers will be right there raking in millions collectively promoting the effort. And then they will turn around and deny him his place in the museum of accomplishments. They are hypocrites.

Baseball steroid era hall of fame

baseball steroid era hall of fame


baseball steroid era hall of famebaseball steroid era hall of famebaseball steroid era hall of famebaseball steroid era hall of famebaseball steroid era hall of fame